Friday, October 23, 2009

we have teeth!

that's right! the little lady has finally decided the time has come to cut teeth, and we are PAYING for it! she cut one mon., one today and has 3 more pushing through. Although it is cute, I am a little upset about this... she isn't cutting teeth in the typical order. She is cutting teeth on the top, so before much longer my sweet little baby girl is going to have a mouthful of buck teeth... pics will follow when she learns to sit still... (dont hold your breath!)

Monday, October 19, 2009

One already?

Cara tunred one this week! I can't believe how completely fast this year has flown by! We celebrated her birthday yesterday (I spent sat, her actual birthday at an all day scrapbook retreat, it was WONDERFUL!) My sister Lyndsay and her boyfriend came over to help us celebrate. She slept during mosof the party which allowed us to eat a nice dinner without having her beg, then we woke her up for cake. She didn't like the outfit I tried to make her wear but liked the fire... In the end, her demands won out and she was allowed to eat like she prefers, mostly naked...

Hey, look Jonas... this is yummy!!1

She crawled back for more after she left the first time... It was really fun celebrating and the boys were super excited for it! We gave her a push walker thats a baby doll stroller. i'll have to post those pics later, she is so stinking cute walking behind her baby (whom i have named Kensington, since John didnt let me use that name for a real child of ours...)
Heres what she does: She weighed in at 18 pounds 5 ounces this morning (15%) and was 29 inches long (75%). she doesnt walk yet and MAY have cut her first tooth today (its the upper front, but she hasnt let me get a good look yet) She throws her arms up for touchdown whenever she sees a football game, or a hokie anything. she loves to blow sloppy kisses and thinks spitting is super funny. bath time is her favorite part of the day, and she still doesnt sleep through the night. we get a 5 hour stretch from 7-11 or midnight, then she gets up every 2 hours afterwards... it's killing me!
Bed head! she takes a great afternoon nap for us (2-3 hours) and is really cheerful when she wakes up
she goes to school with me 3 mornings a week and loves watching the big girls in the class play. her favorite part of school is the child size sink and she washes her hands all morning.

she loves to do whatever her brothers are doing and thinks she is such a big kid. steps are a recent discovery and we cant keep her off them.
if you're willing, she will swing for hours! she has been suhc a joy this past year! Happy birthday baby!!!!!