Wednesday, January 28, 2009

the bumgenius experiment

yes. this is her bum, and yes, she blew out... AGAIN

Pampers has failed me. I have been using pampers for almost 9 years, and have spent an estimated 8500.00 on their products... (do the math: 50/month for diapers and wipes X number of months kids are in diapers...) and that's a LOW estimate. I KNOW that I spent closer to 70 a month for that first month and a half... I was also getting to the point with her that blowouts were occuring several times a day, leaving me with a full hamper and tons of stain spraying. After talking to a few friends, and with Johns unconditional encouragement;-) I switched Carrington over to cloth diapers. We are using bumgenius 3.0 with her, and I LOVE it! I wasn't so sure at first how I would feel about it, so we started with 5 diapers. It was such a pain those first few days because I was trying to use them as much as possible so I was washing all the time to try to get a full experience. I felt wasteful at that point because I was washing ALL the time. After adding 6 more diapers, I finally felt like I was getting the experience I was hoping for. I am still planning on adding another 12 diapers (at a cost of 17.00 each) so that I am not washing a frequently, but it has totally been worth it! She still wears disposable at night (because I don't have enough yet) and I had to put her in one this morning since her diapers were drying. As we were trying to walk out the door, I picked her up and noticed she had blown out. I was totally frustrated. I had forgotten in these past 2 weeks all about blowouts. The Bumgenius come with a poop pocket, if you will, which catches those explosive ones that shoot up the back. We have not had a single blowout in those diapers (even when i forgot to change her and she went for 5 hours in a diaper). The water bill went up 7.00 this past month, and we had to buy free and clear detergent, so there were some expenses involved that don't come with disposable, but we only use 1 tsp./load of diapers, so we anticiapte that lasting a LOOOONG time, and not having to wash so many poopy clothes make washing the diapers totally worth it. Overall, I highly recommend these, and I am so glad we found them. But most importantly, besides being wonderful, they are super soft on her royal bottom, and SUPER CUTE! (they come in 9 colors: white, lt. pink, dk. pink, lt./dk. yellow, lt/dk green, lt/dk. blue available at

Look at her fat thighs!! she is such a chunker!


  1. I love your fat baby girl! I am so looking forward to babysitting her for you in a week and a half! :)

  2. Carrington is seriously the MOST beautiful baby girl in the world. (please note, my 2 other granddaughters are beautiful but they aren't babies) I love the idea of this blog. You are amazing and I love you.

  3. I am totally drooling over that girlie! I love the pictues of her with John, too. Man sakes alive she is beautiful. I love her little mouth in the last picture. She looks like a doll!

    I'm totally smitten.