Monday, March 16, 2009

lovey lamb

This is a sshlumpie. Douglas makes it, and true to every parents need, they sell it either as a single, or for the wise parent, in sets of 2 for a 10% discount. Upon the birth of Carrington, we received no less then 4 "loveys"... 2 bears with blankets attached, a sshlumpie (which we call lovey lamb) and a duck that was generously handed down by Sullivan. I have done my absolute best to ger Carrington attached to lovey lamb, and mostly because i liked it the best...

I started making her cry it out this past week. I have been so tired (she sleeps in bed with me and is up every 2 hours to eat) and I needed the space. I have also recently started her on solids, in hopes that she would sleep better. Last night, for the first time ever, she ate almost a full jar of bananas, went to bed at 7 p and didnt wake up until 1230 a... that is GREAT for her!! I was so excited. Also last night was the first night she didn't cry.

Tonight, I fed her (sweet potatoes, and she's a pig!) bathed her, and put her to bed EXACTLY like last night. She screamed and screamed. John fixed her, I fixed her but to no avail. This totally stresses me out... After a few minutes, John ran out to the car and returned with lovey lamb. She immediatly fell asleep after she snuggled it up to her. Amazing! I totally work so hard to ger her attached- every time she cries because she's tired, I rub this on her cheek so now she does it to put herself ot sleep. When she gets hurt (like when van accidently head butts her) I hold her close and rub it on her cheek.... Why is it that when i put her down for bed I forget?? i felt so bad for her! I totally underestimate the power of a lovey item, as none of hte boys ever had anything they were super attached to... Its magic!!! (now if the toystore that i ordered these from would hurry up and get my 2 extras in stock, we'll be good to go! If I lose this, i am in so much trouble now!!)

our fat baby weighs in at 14 pounds now!

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  1. She is so, so, so, gorgeous. I love her little outfit in the last picture. Oh, those striped tights are to die for!

    Yay, for the Lovey Lamb. I nominate any Lovey that can get a baby to sleep for the Nobel Peace Prize. You will have to help Lovey Lamb work on her acceptance speech.