Saturday, January 9, 2010

A shot of Christmas

We're still here... mostly;-) We had a computer crash in Nov. that we still haven't fixed, so i finally bit the bullet and dumped pictures onto Johns school laptop... CLS has been a busy girl! She is almost 15 months old now (on the 17th) and is still not walking but is taking 4-8 steps at a time. Christmas was so much fun this year! Last year she was to young to care, and that was still somewhat true but by the end of the weekend, she got opening presents down! On the 26th, we headed to Richmond to visit my grandfather and my moms extended family. The snow the weekend before ruined our plans and pushed this back a week. Despite some car trouble on the way (always the worst!) we made it safetly and really enjoyed our visit. My cousin laura had 3 week old twins that we got to meet! It was so fun, adn her babies are so tiny! (5 and almost 7 pounds) Laura is holding baby girl, and my cousin April is holding my baby... she looks so big:-(
getting a baby doll from my papa. She LOVES it. it cries, eats, burps, falls asleep and has that perfect belly laugh that all babies have.

she really enjoyed dessert!

Christmas afternoon we headed down to my mom and dads house and celebrated with several of my siblings and Lyns boyfriend. She had a blast ripping paper, and we have had to watch her really close ever since we got home bc she will rip any paper she finds lying around.
and now: a video (sideways!) off her showing off... her shirt says I'm on the nice list... trust me... Def. appropriate as you watch the attitiude shine!!

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  1. She is so, so darling!! I love that little video of her. Loved the, "Ho, Ho, Ho." I love how you do her hair with the sweet little pony tails and pig tails. She is a doll.

    Why didn't you want any candy cane? ;)